Along The Shore Week 2- Last Session

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The following are recordings of the participants for week 2 of The Along The Shore workshop (wish I would have thought to do this for week 1):

  Christina Rau, Stefan Fleicher

  Deborah Henry

 Lynn Kennelly, Addell Anderson, William Casari, Amy Traver

Kristopher Stallworth, Annemarie Stohl, David Monda

 Judy Lampert, Mary Reed

Terrence Delaney, Kate Culkin

 Thomas Sorci, Lee Jones, Susan McClung

 Tonya Curry, Saralyn Summer, Keith Anderson

 Tony Cruz


The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

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Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (@ Fulton Ferry Landing)

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (@Greenpoint Ave)

River Cafe (@ Fulton Ferry Landing)

One of the best discoveries during these tours of the waterfront was the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. It is a small building at the Fulton Ferry landing, where you can get the best ice cream. It is freshly made from all natural ingredients and on a hot summer day it is the best thing. What I just found out is that the one of my Managers used to be the flavor developer for the Ice Cream Factory. She also used to work at the River Cafe that is the pier. The ice cream was made every day and even the toppings were fresh. She would make in the River Cafe kitchen and run it over. How cool is that? (bad joke) Her name is Kaci Ruth and I would just like to bow down to her awesomeness because that was the best Ice Cream.  So a couple of nights ago Kaci tells me this story about an incident at the little shop and the shack that sits behind it, on the pier. Apparently a couple of years ago, on the night before the 4th of July the cops cleared the area as they usually do in preparation for the crowds. Someone didn’t really like that and set the small shack behind the store on fire. The whole structure is a landmark so when it was being rebuilt it had to be done just like the previous. The problem? The old shack was meant to be burned down. It was practice for the firemen and every month it would be burt down as a training exercise.  So even though someone did it maliciously the little shack was serving it’s purpose.

Plymouth Church

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On the Along The Shore Agenda for thursday is the tour of Brooklyn Heights and the tour of Plymouth Church. Plymouth Church is located in Brooklyn Heights on 75 Hicks street and used to be a stop on the underground railroad. Henry Ward Beecher was the pastor and many famous anti-slavery advocates like William Lloyd Garrison, Sojourner Truth, Wendell Phillips, Charles Sumner, Frederick Douglass, and Abraham Lincoln have past through it’s doors. 100 years later Martin Luther King would give a speech at the pulpit called the “American Dream”, parallel to the “I Have A Dream” speech. Here is a small clip of our presenter Lois Rosebrooks giving the group a little bit of history and sharing the story of Rose “Pinky” Ward.

Red Moon Rising And Fireworks Blasting

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Wonder Wheel at sunset

Coney Island is never boring. Two weeks ago I was touring the different sites with group 1 and although the tour  with Paul King as our guide was the same, the atmosphere wasn’t. The first time around the weather provided comfortable conditions where as now it was just hot and the sun just burned. There were a lot more people as you looked out to the water and the boardwalk was full of life.

I decided that the Wonder Wheel would be enough excitement especially after the Nathan’s corn dog with cheese fries and the caramel apple on a stick. (Sorry Bryant, no Cyclone for me)

Judy remarks on William's comment & Kris laughs

After a delicious dinner at Tatiana’s Christina, Will, Kris, Tony and I decided to stick around and wait for the fireworks.

(Judy remarks on William’s comment & Kris laughs)

Lady in the orange dress

We walked back along the boardwalk to where the Coney Island Dancers were enjoying very loud upbeat music. At first we took pictures and watched the fancy footwork and the not so fancy gyrations of the people that were gathering. It was hard not to start moving with the crowd, the rhythm was infectious. The woman in the orange dress was one of the better dancers there. I was impressed by the 3 inch pencil heel that didn’t get caught in the crevices of the boardwalk.

Coney Island Dancing

As the night went on a red moon rose overhead and more people gathered to enjoy the music. Everyone danced you couldn’t help it. People stomped, jumped and moved to the rhythm. The closer the fireworks got the more people that crowded onto the boardwalk. The energy was intense and tribal.

Shelley, James, Paul, Richard

Even Shelly, James, Paul and Richard stopped to enjoy the music.

Shelley, Paul, Richard

Finally fireworks blasted overhead, it was definitely worth the wait.

Fireworks blasting

The juggling barge man

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Come one, Come all and witness the spectacular abilities of David Sharp, who by the way, lives on a Barge!

Finally time for a post

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It has been a grueling schedule these past couple of weeks with the Along the Shore project. It has been a privilege and pleasure to work with some very interesting and enthusiastic people. This project has offered me a great opportunity to learn more about Brooklyn (as I am from Manhattan) and to grow as a photographer.

Shot of Group 1 taken in Greenpoint @ the end of Manhattan Ave.

Front : Peter Spellane, Michele Kremer, Richard Hanley, Patty Barba Gorkhover, Robin Michals, Faith Watson, Karla Brown, Jean Arrington, Sara Sutler-Cohen, Jennifer Hauss

Back Row: Kathy Judd, Marianne E. Trale, Karen Levin, Shelley Smith, Eileen Smith, Will Van Dorp, Elyse Zucker, Denise Coulter, Diane Whitney, Daniel Campo, Kate Noonan, Anthony Marcantonio, Bradley Davis, Bryant Evans, James B. Seymour, Babu Srinivasan, Peter Catapano, Dale Adams, Minette Estevez, Kim Reed

Shot of Group 2 taken in front of the Paymaster building @ the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Top to bottom: Peter Spellane, Amy Traver, Kristopher Stallworth, William Casari, Richard Hanley, Susan McClung, Stefan Fleischer, Christina Rau, Keith Anderson, Lynn Kennelly, Terrence Delaney, William Whyte III, Daniella Romano, Patty Barba Gorkhover, Lee Jones, Anthony Cruz, Tonya Curry, Thomas Sorci, Addell Anderson, Judy Lampert, David Monda, Kate Culkin, Deborah Henry, Mary Reed, Robin Michals, Debra Socci, Saralyn Summer, Annemarie  Stohl, Shelley Smith